The current Louise

The current Louise

zondag 13 maart 2011

The latest after a long 'silence'.

So good to be connected again. Have had real difficulty in learning how to use the blogsite well. This quiet Sunday afternoon I decided it was high time to overcome the mental block and try. Here we go.........

The narcisses are blooming and the forsythia is turning yellow also. Could not resist the temptation to buy some flowers for the flower baskets yesterday. The baskets are hanging near the back door. Great way to come home to. Will have to bring them into the house if there should be more frost.

Melvin is in The Netherlands working on the process to extend his residence visa there. Mariesa is sick in bed and the grandkids are with their dad, so the house is really peaceful.

We have been in the USA since last June. Have done a lot of traveling and have had the joy of meetings many of our friends again. Sharing what is happening in Europe has been challenging and rewarding. We have received much encouragement and love. What we are doing is truly a partnership venture. Our main ministry has become more sensitive, so it is better not to go into more detail. Suffice to say that the sons of Ishmael are loved by God and need to have an opportunity to know and experience Him.

Our days at home in Springfield are filled with loving our family, cleaning, cooking, shopping, picking up grandkids from school, doing homework with Liam, keeping the cars running and the bills paid. Proving God and His grace in the midst of the demands! Melvin can usually be found in his office, next to the house, on the phone and on the computer.

Am mentoring two dear ladies. Their lives have been so broken and extremely difficult. To walk with them is a privilege, although very time consuming and challenging. To see them grow in the Lord and in His Word is worth it all. I love them.

Talk to you soon again.

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